Dr. Jan leder

Dr. Jan Leder Jan Leder was trained as an operation theatre nurse in the Nijmegen university hospital, the Netherlands (registered 1991). After working for several other hospitals and a medical device company, he returned to Nijmegen in 2000 to work for the ENT and Oro-maxillofacial surgery department as an OR scrub nurse. He specialized in Otology and assisted in more than 500 Bone anchored surgeries, and also on this amount of cochlear implant and middle ear implant surgeries. In this position he served as a practical trainer for ENT residents and OR staff. In April 2012 he started working for Oticon Medical as a Surgical Trainer and Supporter for the Oticon Medical Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. In this position he is responsible for global training and surgical support of ENT physicians, surgical teams and Oticon Medical colleagues worldwide and is also responsible for developing internal and external surgical training programs.

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